Meet Katie

Katie brings a unique perspective and diverse skills set to her work as a business coach and consultant. With a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling and 10+ years of clinical practice as a therapist under her belt, a well as having owned three businesses of her own, Katie has a unique ability to help clients gain clarity around their goals and desires both as they relate to their businesses as well as how that intersects with their lifestyle as a whole. 

Katie has a creative mind, and so is also skilled at helping clients think outside of the box about how their businesses can both be profitable, as well as innovative and fun to work in. Katie is also able to help businesses identify their unique strengths, weaknesses and opportunities so that they can maximize profit and impact, while minimizing risk and stressors. 

Katie is the mom to a feisty fiery redhead daughter and is married to the love of her life and business partner. She is totally addicted to BUTI yoga and loves being outside gardening in the sunshine or walking on the beach with her golden retriever, Piper.

To find out more about Katie's work visit her website by clicking here.