Cheers To Year Three!

20190524_065935 2.jpg

Hello Friends! I am beyond thrilled to announce that Gab Marketing & PR has officially hit year THREE in business! 🎉🎉 WOO HOO!

Looking back on the last 1095 days I can truely say I’ve embraced all the ups and downs that come with being a solo-prepreneur. I’ve been required to wear a lot of hats, forced to think on my feet, learned to trust my judgement and become more confident in my decisions. The amount of responsibility, dedication and drive it takes to be sucessful is overwhelming at times but the freedom that comes with it makes it all worth while.

A great big THANK YOU to all my amazing clients, business affiliates, family, friends and of course my sweet husband! I wouldn't be here without your steadfast support and belief in what I do. ❤ Cheers to YEAR 3! 🎉🎉