Who's Your Target Audience?

Marketing your business today can be quite challenging. Not only has social media and digital marketing pushed it’s way to the forefront, it is dominating today’s advertising and sales. If you thought it was difficult to keep up with the daily evolving trends and rules of engagement, then add the fact that each generation has their favorite medium and they are all different! Catering to all of these different age groups requires constant diligence that takes time and energy just to keep up. Exploring what motivates your clients or customers is key and to do this, you must delve into their world. You must also decide what your target audience truly is. Defining that target is the first step to achieving success in the digital world and that in itself is not always as easy as it sounds but here are some general guideline to get you started.

Before you can set your target audience you must understand who is in each of these groups and if they are potential customers for your company or business. Let’s examine what age groups fall onto which category and what they relate to. Having a clear understanding of who is comprising these groups will help you determine what direction you should pursue.

  • Generation Z is the youngest demographic of social media users. Their birth years are from 1996 to the 2010 and they do most of their socializing via smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. Their attention spans are short (8 seconds max) with their preference towards videos a priority. They prefer authentic and relevant content, so keeping things brief appeal to them most. Timing your campaigns before and after their school/college hours and on weekends is the best target and they love Snapchat, Facebook and Musical.ly.
  • Millennials (aka Generation Y) are the largest group users of social media so don’t over look them! They are usually the children of the baby boomers and are outspoken as well as idealistic. This group can be your best brand advocates since they value loyalty. LinkedIn is the priority for professionals and they favor Facebook. They look for reviews and ratings and want to see added value.
  • Generation X is the demographic between the baby boomers and the millennials. According to Wikipedia, they were typically born in the early to mid 1960s with ending birth years from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. The smallest of the groups but certainly not one to dismiss. They have the second largest disposable income after the Baby Boomers and appreciate luxury and comfort. Straightforward and visually engaging content especially in video is extremely appealing to them and they like to SHARE. They do not like quizzes and polls but do appreciate links to websites for further info.
  • Baby Boomers are often dismissed in the marketing plan but that’s a huge mistake! 91% state to have a social media account and like Facebook as their favorite platform and aren’t very attracted to Twitter. This group is outspoken about things they believe in and like quizzes and polls. They love email as their preferred means of communication over instant messenger and respond well to newsletters for interaction and engagement. Informative content appeals to them most.

So you have been given some helpful information about the perks of each of these groups. It can be a bit overwhelming but once you get a good plan, you should be ready to market your business on these main social media platforms and start reaping the benefits. If you still need a little help, then seek the wisdom of social media gurus who will take this daunting task off of your plate, freeing you up to do the other important tasks of your business. Contact us!